Seniors Advisory Panel calls for engagement

Last Updated : 02 Oct 2017
Seniors Advisory Panel
The Seniors Advisory Panel.

Did you know that Auckland Council has a Seniors Advisory Panel who advocates for older people in our region?

Work programme

On Tuesday 12 September 2017 Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee approved the Seniors Advisory Panel’s 2017/2018 work programme.

The work programme focuses on better public transport services and accessible options for senior citizens, quality mixed housing options and urban design and an emphasis on culturally diverse programmes for senior communities.

It also highlights the need for more engaging recreational and community spaces and activities, and the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.

Engaging with the Seniors Advisory Panel

The panel wants to build its connections with groups that serve the seniors community. Seniors Advisory Panel Chair Janet Clews says that the panel needs to have strong levels of engagement with existing and new groups that serve the needs of the local senior communities in order to provide relevant and effective advice to Auckland Council.

“We’re hoping to increase our network of these groups across Auckland so that a broader range of people and groups can engage with us, especially those who already work and volunteer within the senior community. This will help us provide Auckland Council with an even more strategic level of advice and recommendations.”

“With the panel providing advice to vital long-term projects such as the 10 year budget, it’s more important than ever for senior citizens across the region to get in touch with us, so that we can involve them in these crucial processes.”

Six advisory panels

The six demographic advisory panels offer strategic advice to the council on regional policies, plans and strategies as well as matters of interest to their respective communities.

While the advisory panels do not have decision-making powers, their insights are vital to informing the work of council staff and recommendations presented to the mayor, elected members and council committees.

The Seniors Advisory Panel can be contacted at

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