What can Auckland learn from Toronto?

Publish Date : 22 Sep 2017
What can Auckland learn from Toronto?
Queens Quay's ‘Complete Street’ in downtown Toronto

The Auckland Conversations: Liveable=Affordable event was held on Friday 22 September at the Viaduct Events Centre, as part of the Resource Management Law Association conference.

Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner for the City of Toronto, was keynote speaker and brought a wealth of knowledge on how to make a fast-growing city both liveable and affordable.

Mayor Phil Goff opened the event, saying that with Auckland gaining 50,000 new residents every year, our city must focus on providing “choice and opportunity” via good intensification.

Keesmaat illustrated many similarities between Auckland and Toronto, and talked through examples of the liveable infrastructure that Toronto has prioritised in recent years. These priorities include mid-density housing and community development in suburbs, multiple transit options including light rail, and cycleways.

She showed a transformed city with spaces created where people can interact with each other, where they are not reliant on cars, and where there is housing choice for all ages. She says; “if we are truly committed to being inclusive, then we will commit to being affordable.”

Watch Jennifer Keesmaat’s full presentation:

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