$1billion North Shore water quality and system improvements

Publish Date : 06 Oct 2017
Improving water quality and systems on the North Shore

More than one billion dollars of water infrastructure projects will be delivered across the North Shore over the coming decade. 

The investment is the result of Council’s focus on improving the city’s water quality and commitment to supporting growth with improved and expanded water management infrastructure.

At Fred Thomas Drive in Takapuna, works are underway to build a new 3.5 million litre wastewater storage tank to increase capacity within the wastewater network. On Wairau Road, ageing infrastructure is being replaced to increase capacity and improve resilience in the wider network. 

These projects are being delivered by Watercare and have a combined cost of $44m. These are just two of several confirmed projects contributing to a $700m investment on the North Shore. An additional $350m investment will also be made to improve and expand water supply infrastructure.  

“We’re also investing in advanced stormwater treatment systems to improve water quality at our beaches and in the harbour,” says North Shore Councillor Richard Hills. 

“The upcoming Hurstmere Road streetscape upgrade will bring significant improvement to the town centre’s stormwater management.

“Rain gardens are being built to filter out contaminants from the water before it is ends up at Takapuna Beach, so that’s great news for all of us who enjoy a swim there in summer.”

“We’ll see similar environmental benefits through the works at Chelsea Estate in Birkenhead,” he says.

“Our growing focus is on improving water quality for all Aucklanders – both now and in future.”

To read more on these improvements, visit Watercare (PDF)  

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