Is your cat a secret stray?

Publish Date : 16 Nov 2017
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We know cats kill birds. Feral and domestic moggies are a threat to our native populations of weta, birds, lizards.

All cat owners have to play their part in responsible pet ownership to ensure domestic cats and native wildlife can live harmoniously.

Be responsible for your pets

Here are some ideas to help with responsible pet ownership, as recommended by vets:

  • desex your pet to reduce health complications and avoid contributing to the stray population
  • micro-chipping your cat means you are far more likely to get it back if it strays and is lost
  • if you live near an area of high ecological significance, keep your cat indoors at night
  • feed your cat well to reduce the hunting urge
  • if you put a collar on your pet, add a bell.

It’s coming up to Christmas – if you are thinking about getting a kitten for yourself, your children or as a gift for a friend, make sure you or your friend is prepared to give the new family member all the care they will need for their lifetime.

public consultation on the approach to pest management will be included in next year's Long-term Plan. 

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