Auckland crowned zero-waste world champion

Auckland recognised for engaging communities to reduce waste

Last Updated : 07 Dec 2017
C40 Cities Winner

Auckland was one of ten international cities honoured today at the C40 Cities Awards 2017 in Chicago, which recognises the world’s most inspiring and innovative cities tackling climate change. 

Auckland is the proud winner of the prestigious Cities4ZeroWaste Award, scooping the top place ahead of global finalists Hong Kong and Buenos Aires.

The awards highlight the world’s top-ten urban sustainability projects that represent the most ambitious and innovative efforts by cities. Auckland Council’s ‘Auckland Waste to Resources’ was the clear winner with strong evidence of transitioning our city away from landfill, and towards a greener way of processing urban waste.

Global recognition for leadership in tackling climate change

Mayor Phil Goff said being selected as the global leader in the Cities4ZeroWaste category was strong reinforcement of Auckland’s approach and progress towards becoming a zero-waste city by 2040.

“Given the increasingly important role cities must play in driving climate action, Auckland’s approach to reducing waste should be considered as a model for other cities to accelerate their own efforts.” 

“Our involvement with C40 Cities is helping nations reach the goals under the Paris Agreement. Because global cities share common challenges, our expertise and ground-breaking work towards waste reduction in Auckland is providing leadership to another 90 of the world’s greatest cities helping to improve our odds in tackling climate change.”

C40 Cities4ZeroWaste Award
Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40 with Cities4ZeroWaste category winner Councillor Alf Filipaina representing Auckland, Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix and Antha Williams, Head of Environment, Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Community-led approach to 'produce less and re-use more' 

The Deputy Chair of the Environment and Community Committee, Councillor Alf Filipaina, represented Auckland at the Climate Summit in Chicago to collect the award.

“I’m delighted we’ve been globally recognised for reducing Auckland’s domestic waste to landfill and progressing towards our vision of becoming a zero-waste city. This is a result of close collaboration between our council leaders and local communities who both believe strongly in building a sustainable future for Auckland.”

“In working closely with our local communities, the Auckland Waste Management and Minimisation Plan has ensured that our progress will have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts."

"Our work aims to inspire Aucklanders to think more about where their waste goes after it’s put on the kerb, and then ask how they can change their habits to produce less and re-use more.”

WATCH: Auckland communities making the most of waste through council facilitated programmes around composting, lifestyle changes, re-usable bags and waste minimisation.

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Impressive strides towards targets

Parul Sood, Auckland Council's General Manager Waste Solutions, said the Council’s waste team launched their zero-waste by 2040 vision in 2012, backed by a practical programme for change. 

“The Auckland Waste Management and Minimisation Plan is grounded in a community-led approach which partners with communities and iwi to achieve our zero-waste goal."

"Given that it's such a massive plan – the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere – Auckland has taken a phased approach. Even so, we’re proud to have made impressive strides already."

"We reached our 2018 in-house waste reduction target of 30 per cent by 2014 and we've reduced domestic waste across Auckland by 10 per cent."

"We're also finding new and better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle Auckland’s waste while creating economic, environmental and social benefits.”

The C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards are granted annually in five categories and provide global recognition for cities that are demonstrating climate action leadership.

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