Life in the Bike Lane – Danubia Paim

Publish Date : 22 Jan 2018

Aucklanders are enjoying life in the bike lane this summer. Danubia Paim regularly rides from the city centre to Mission Bay to meet friends, via Tamaki Drive.

When did you start riding a bike as a way to get around, instead of just riding recreationally?

I always loved to ride bikes but I did not have much time to do it. So, last year I had the idea to rent a bike and ride around the waterfront. It was a magic and unique experience.

From that moment I decided I had to buy myself a bike so I could ride it every time I had the opportunity, even if it's just for a short trip.

Why do you choose to ride a bike as a way to get around?

First of all, because I enjoy it. Secondly, because it's healthy, zero emissions, and cheap. Auckland has awesome cycling lane infrastructure, which makes it very safe transport option.

Tell us what you like most about the Tamaki Drive ride?

It's hard to pick just one thing. I would say the breeze and the ocean view. I can never get enough of it. The landscape is gorgeous and every time I ride there it looks even more beautiful.

Where else do you like to ride in Auckland?

I'm always riding around my neighbourhood. This summer I'm really looking forward to going a little bit further and seeing more of Auckland.

For anyone considering biking in Auckland for the first time, what would you say to encourage them to start?

I would definitely say find a comfortable bike, invite some friends to join and always pay attention to the traffic around you. Riding a bike is such a relaxing experience and everyone should enjoy it.

What kind of bike do you usually ride?

I ride a cute vintage cruiser bike with a little basket. It's very casual and simple, but I love it so much!

Is there anything else you'd like to add about riding your bike in Auckland?

We are the lucky ones. Anyone can take their bike and ride around the city safely. People that are going to work; families enjoying the weekend with their kids; a couple looking for a romantic outing or even to practice a sport.

Auckland provides great cycling infrastructure and I believe everyone should try it. Most of us are always working in an office. Why not just experience something outside?

Enjoy the beauty that Auckland has to offer. We have so many parks, beaches, nature. Take your bike, go out, set up a BBQ on the beach. Appreciate and admire what Auckland has for you.

Find out more about Danubia’s route to Mission Bay, and other rides to try this summer, at

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