Auckland Council's proposed freedom camping bylaw

Last Updated : 12 Jun 2019
Have your say on Auckland Council's proposed freedom camping bylaw

Public consultation has closed on Auckland Council’s proposed Freedom Camping in Vehicles Bylaw.

Draft bylaw

The draft bylaw defines the number of sites across Auckland where freedom camping is allowed. Consultation was open from Monday 3 December to Monday 18 February 2019.

Read the full Statement Of Proposal

View a map of the proposed freedom camping areas and restrictions.

The draft bylaw has been developed under the Freedom Camping Act 2011, which means that the council can only restrict or prohibit the activity at a site if it has robust evidence to do so.

Staff have carried out assessments of over 1000 council-controlled sites, which has led to the inclusion of 422 sites where freedom camping is proposed to be prohibited or restricted across the region.

Improving consistency

“We want to effectively and proactively manage freedom camping in Auckland. Currently, we only have a few old bylaws from past councils, so this bylaw will provide consistent rules across the region and brings enforcement powers," says Councillor Linda Cooper, who chairs Auckland Council’s Regulatory Committee.

“We need to provide enough places where people can freedom camp to meet demand, so that we have less of the over-crowding and nuisance activity that we’ve previously experienced.

“It’s crucial that we have a balanced bylaw that allows visitors to explore and enjoy our region, but also puts appropriate safeguards and regulations on areas that we need to protect."

Public deliberations and next steps

The freedom camping bylaw public deliberations were held on  4 April, 29 May and 31 May 2019.

Reports for the deliberations can be found on the council website here.

Now that the public consultation and the deliberations are complete, a recommendations report from the panel is being prepared and will be presented to the Governing Body either at the 27 June or 25 July meetings.

The Governing Body will make the decision on whether or not to adopt the bylaw.

This report will be made public when the agenda for the Governing Body meeting is made available online a few days before either meeting.

What you need to know about the draft bylaw

  • The draft bylaw proposes to prohibit or restrict freedom camping at 422 council managed areas.
  • A bylaw under the Freedom Camping Act will also mean enforcement officers can issue a $200 infringement fine to anyone who breaches a prohibition or restriction.
  • Auckland Council’s Regulatory Compliance unit uses a graduated enforcement approach. This means they will help people to comply with the rules in the first instance by giving information and advice on the regulations.
  • The public consultation period ran from 3 December to 18 February 2019.

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