Pedestrian crossings get a makeover to make communities safer

Publish Date : 05 Dec 2018
Pedestrian crossings get a makeover to make communities safer
The crossing near 273 Ponsonby Road will be improved as part of the region-wide pedestrian crossing improvements programme.

Some of Auckland's crossings are in for much-needed upgrades that will slow drivers down and make streets safer for pedestrians.

Made possible by the Regional Fuel Tax, Auckland Transport (AT) is undertaking improvement work on 49 level crossings as part of its road safety programme.

As well as improved signage, lighting, kerb build-outs and refuge islands, all crossings will be turned into raised tables giving drivers no other option but to slow down when approaching a crossing.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, "These upgrades are essential to help protect Auckland's pedestrians from being killed or seriously injured when crossing the road".

"Work to upgrade zebra crossings can't start soon enough. Between 2012 and 2017, the number of pedestrians being seriously injured or killed on Auckland's roads increased by 75 per cent, with one-fifth of all pedestrian crashes occurring at existing zebra crossings.

"That's appalling and unacceptable. Pedestrians should feel safe at zebra crossings and this important upgrade work made possible by the Regional Fuel Tax will help ensure they do.

"We are investing $700 million in road safety over the coming decade. Work is already underway improving signage on rural roads, installing more red light cameras and now upgrading pedestrian crossings. We're doing everything in our power to help save people's lives," says Mayor Phil Goff.

AT's Group Manager Network Management and Safety, Randhir Karma, says the 49 crossings were picked to have the biggest impact.

"We have carefully assessed the zebra crossings all over Auckland and have prioritised these locations based on a combination of crash data, vicinity to schools, road speed, the volume of cars, traffic conditions, and community requests.

"Raising the crossings will slow drivers down, making it much safer for people," he says.

"We want people to be able to walk around their communities safely and this is one of the many road safety initiatives underway to improve this. We are working to create a safe road system, where all road users have good access within their communities.

"We anticipate construction will be underway from March next year after we have gone through any suggestions from local residents about our design proposals."

AT is asking for feedback on the programme to improve each crossing. Feedback closes on 14 December 2018.

To find out more about the programme, location maps and details of individual crossings, visit

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