Auckland Council by-elections final results

Last Updated : 20 Feb 2018

Following three Auckland Council by-elections, a ward councillor and two local board members have been elected:

  • Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Ward: Josephine Bartley (Labour)
  • Manurewa Local Board : Dave Pizzini (Manurewa Action Team)
  • Waitematā Local Board: Denise Roche (City Vision)

Voting closed at noon on Saturday 17 February and all votes were counted at the Electoral Office, Independent Election Services Ltd, Level 2, 198 Federal Street, Auckland. The confirmed results are:

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Ward

  1. Josephine Bartley (Labour), 7225 votes
  2. Josh Beddell (C&R/Future Auckland), 5648 votes.

Of the 51,946 electors who were issued a voting document, 12,911 (24.85%) voted.

Josephine Bartley will be sworn in at the meeting of the Governing Body at the Auckland Town Hall on Thursday 22 February. This meeting will be streamed online.

 Manurewa Local Board

  1. Dave Pizzini (Manurewa Action Team), 5038 votes
  2. Brooke Loader (Labour), 3411 votes
  3. Michael Bailey (Independent), 1384 votes
  4. John Hall (Independent), 967 votes
  5. Jokaveti Nakabea Bai (Independent), 378 votes

Of the 58,648 electors who were issued a voting document, 11,218 (19.13%) voted.

Dave Pizzini will be sworn in at the next Manurewa Local Board meeting on Thursday 15 March.

Waitemata Local Board

  1. Denise Roche (City Vision), 2993 votes
  2. Greg Moyle (Balancing the Board), 2744 votes
  3. Allan Matson (Independent), 1970 votes
  4. Chang Hung (Independent), 1140 votes
  5. Morgan Avery (Independent), 1020 votes

Of the 53,631 electors who were issued a voting document, 9885 (18.43%) voted.

Denise Roche will be sworn in at the next Waitematā Local Board meeting on Tuesday 20 March.


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