A summer of Safeswim

Publish Date : 28 Mar 2018
SafeSwim - picnic on beach.jpg

This summer we launched our Safeswim programme to keep you informed about water quality at Auckland beaches.

We’ve already had a lot of feedback – positive and negative – and we’re taking note of it so we can continue to improve the service.

Safeswim provides up-to-date information about water quality, which is handy for planning trips to the beach.

But it has sometimes meant we’ve seen our favourite beaches red-flagged more often than we might like.

Safeswim is changing the way we think about our water – for the better. We’re working hard to improve water quality in our region, and we need your help.

How to help improve water quality:

  • ensure septic tanks are maintained and checked by a professional
  • never flush wet wipes down the toilet
  • dispose of paint and chemicals properly – make sure they don’t get into waterways or drains
  • call 09 377 3107 to report hazardous spills
  • determine if your private property has leaking pipes or cross connections by hiring a plumber. The Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board is a useful place to find a contractor
  • if you have a stream on your property, check our ‘Caring for Urban Streams’ guide.

Visit the Safeswim website to check water quality at beaches around Auckland.

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