Wet end to summer bolsters grass growth across Auckland

Last Updated : 09 Mar 2018

Auckland Council contractors are working hard to get on top of unseasonable grass growth.

“Due to the continued warm weather and amount of rain that Auckland has been receiving, we have been experiencing higher grass growth in our parks and reserves than what is usually expected for this time of the year,” says Auckland Council Head of Operational Management & Maintenance Agnes McCormack.

“The summer heat usually brings about dry conditions which slows down grass growth, but the added wet weather has brought about more spring-like conditions.”

Mowing schedules are being increased to meet the standards expected by our communities. Auckland Council and Auckland Transport contractors are pulling in additional temporary resources in order to work through this high growth period. However, as the growth flush is affecting all areas there is a strain on available resources.

“We are working closely with our contractors to ensure that the additional resources and mowing schedules are in place for fine weather periods and they are utilising weekends and longer working days to ensure the outcomes on our parks and reserves are maintained,” Ms McCormack says.

“Our Community Facilities team are closely monitoring grass levels during this time through increased auditing by staff. This will ensure that any issues are identified at the earliest possible opportunity and are addressed with urgency by our contractors.

“While it is possible that the community may encounter grass levels that are slightly higher than usual, they can be reassured that  we are working with our contractors to ensure that parks and reserves maintain a kept appearance.

“Some people may also see more grass clippings than what is usually expected for this time of year, but they will be evenly distributed across the mown surface and removed when practicable.”

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