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Publish Date : 17 Apr 2018
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Photo courtesy of Eaves Bush Appreciation Group.
Photo courtesy Friends of Okura Bush.

Volunteers make a huge contribution to parks and reserves in the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board area.

The Eaves Bush Appreciation Group meets the first Saturday of the month at Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve.

Volunteers clean up and protect the bush by weeding, maintaining tracks, planting, and trapping pests. Now they’re planning a winter guided walk so families can explore the bush at night.

Group member Laurie Rands says the group teaches people about conservation.

“Everyone can do their part. By keeping your property pest and weed free you help protect the bush.”

Friends of Okura Bush are passionate about restoring the biodiversity of the Okura Bush shoreline and surrounds.

This year the annual Okura Forest Festival raised more than $17,000 for restoration work, and now volunteers are creating a buffer zone for the reserve and running a trapline to eradicate pests.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chair Julia Parfitt says volunteers contribute almost 2000 hours a year to parks.

“We’re grateful to the many volunteers for their commitment, time and energy. Our area has 295 parks and reserves so their help is invaluable. We’d love others to join in to make an even bigger difference.”

Anyone interested can email Community Ranger Anna Baine at

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