Recycle Shop renamed Tipping Point

Last Updated : 30 Apr 2018
Recycle Shop renamed Tipping Point

The Recycle Shop at the Waitākere Transfer Station in Henderson has a new name, Tipping Point.

Tipping Point was established as a community recycling centre to stop waste going to landfill and to upskill unemployed locals. Today, it employs seven staff, has welcomed over 10,196 volunteers and averages about 120 visitors a day.

The enterprise was started by McLaren Park Henderson South Community Trust and has proven it to be a successful, sustainable, and impactful business.

"We have seen the centre grow into a community hub and role model for a zero waste way of thinking,” says MPHS Community Trust, Kathryn Lawlor.

"Staff, volunteers and customers tell us that we have created a more connected and educated community and that Tipping Point delivers a memorable experience that gives visitors a new view on what's valuable and possible in society."

In a world of growing waste and plastic, the team at Tipping Point finds new value and homes for everything from tools and books to coffee makers, lawnmowers, and electronics.

Diverting more than 200 tonnes a year

“It's amazing what people throw away,” says Tipping Point's Project Manager, Jon Morgan, who is also known as Green Jon.

“We help divert more than 200 tonnes of materials from landfill each year by restoring, reusing, or repurposing, and selling to our customers. Not only do we give new life to valuable waste, but we also facilitate new opportunities for our volunteers.

“I've watched people find new purpose in what they do. Be it tinkering with computers, making furniture out of pallets, or teaching their children about recycling, everyone has a contribution to make."

Support zero-waste with these top tips

Tipping Point wants to encourage people to:

  • Become zero-waste champions rather than zero-thought consumers
  • Compost food waste or use a food disposal bin
  • Always have a reusable bag in the car
  • Shop local and buy in-season kai
  • Think before buying new, and try to buy a reclaimed item or make something
  • Change to LED lights
  • Ride a bike to work
  • Switch to reusable coffee cups
  • Wrap food in paper rather than plastic wrap
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