Your tips: Saving money and preventing food waste

Publish Date : 04 May 2018
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As part of a recent competition, we asked our Facebook followers to tell us their favourite food budgeting tip.  

Congratulations to Roanna Rossiter, Tai Tekeu and Sarah Gedge who each won an Easy Choice – Family Kai prize pack!

Here are some of the great ideas our Facebook community shared.

One chook, three ways

Arna M. can stretch one roast chicken across three meals – here’s how she does it:

“I buy a good chicken and make a roast with heaps of veges. With the leftover chicken and veges I make a pie for the next night. With the carcass and vege peel scraps I make stock and then make soup. Three meals, one chicken.”

Savvy scouting

Danica L. has a handy tip for finding the best deals in your area.

“I like to follow local fruit and vege shops on Facebook – they often advertise 99c specials like a kilo of apples etc. Then I know which shops to go to. A week’s worth of fruit and vege for sometimes $10 max – yes please!”

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The power of planning 

Two of the most common tips were meal planning and sticking to a shopping list, as Katie L. explains:

“Write a meal plan and use that to write a shopping list – then stick to your list. You avoid double-ups, reduce food waste and reduce your spend. If you really can't trust yourself with impulse buys you can always do online shopping. It can often work out far cheaper because of what you aren't tempted by!"

Fabulous fritters

Christina G. gets creative with her leftovers:

“Literally anything can become a fritter – sometimes you’ve got to mash or blend it, but you can. Also if you’ve got leftover soup, mix it with mashed potato and put it in a wrap or pastry with some curry powder and you have a samosa.”

Making the most of meat

Tori C. makes sure her meat purchases go the distance.

“We buy the cheapest meat, usually chicken or mince, and split it into freezable portions so we're not using more than necessary for a meal and it can't sit half opened and spoil. Reducing food waste saves a lot of money.”

Save that stalk!

Angela S. knows how much value there is to be found in the bits we usually throw away.

“I use the stalks of broccoli and cauliflower in soups, a stir fry and risotto. A little goes a long way!”


Super storage

Ally H. makes sure nothing goes to waste with a simple storage trick.

“I label and date all my leftovers in the fridge in see-through containers. I keep all leftovers and opened containers on the top shelf at the front of the fridge. I use masking tape and a pen to label the containers – quick and easy. I save money by not throwing out good food, less wastage and easy leftovers for dinners or lunches.”

Try flying solo

Justine M. has found a way to stop those little extras from sneaking into your trolley.

“Try not to take your children shopping with you if you can. Sometimes it's difficult to say no to them. Also, when you are on your own you can concentrate on finding the best prices.”

Shona T. reckons it’s not only kids who can be hard on the wallet: “Don't take the husband with you – I always end up spending twice as much when we shop together!”

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