No 5 lucky number in plastic recycling
Waste 12 Sep 2022

Trial underway to give large plastic items a new life

Unwanted plastics to get a second life

Waste 12 Sep 2022

Trial underway to give large plastic items a new life

Large unwanted plastic items are being given a new life in a recycling trial underway in Auckland.

Cleaning up our environment 29 Jul 2022

Auckland welcomes first Māori/Pasifika operated Community Recycling Centre

Residents who live in Onehunga and its neighbouring suburbs can now do their part to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Waste 29 Jul 2022

Nominations now open for 2022 zero waste awards

Who is your zero waste hero? Nominations for this year’s awards are open during August.

Waste 14 Jul 2022

Grants for zero-waste champions up for grabs

Have you got a clever idea for cutting waste? Auckland Council is offering grants of up to $50,000 as part of the annual Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund.

Waste 19 May 2022

More options to reduce your waste

Keeping waste out of landfill is a great way to live more sustainably. Auckland Council has partnered with community groups to make it easier for you to reduce your rubbish.

Waste 13 Mar 2022

Auckland Council welcomes container return scheme

Keeping useful materials out of landfill is a major win for our environment.

Waste 3 Mar 2022

Don’t trash Auckland’s recycling

Think before you throw. When people put non-recyclables into the kerbside bin, we all pay the cost.

Waste 1 Mar 2022

Annual Budget Focus: A waste service that works for everyone

Waste recommendations and decisions are guided by the ultimate goal of zero waste.

Council news 1 Mar 2022

Council interim report highlights annual budget challenges

Auckland Council’s interim report for the first six months to the end of December 2021 shows that many of the pressures forecast in our recovery budget are materialising.

Waste 14 Feb 2022

Love food, hate waste? Apply for a grant today

Are you passionate about food and sustainability? Do you have a great initiative on how to reduce food waste in Auckland?

Waste 11 Jan 2022

Zero waste innovators get funding boost

More than thirty organisations and businesses are receiving a boost in funding from Auckland Council’s Waste Minimisation Innovation Fund

Waste 26 Dec 2021

Dispose of your tech the right way

There are valuable materials inside of electronics, and New Zealand is developing the capacity to save these items from landfill.

Environment 21 Dec 2021

Five ways to recycle your Christmas tree

What's the right way to throw out your Christmas tree?

Waste 21 Dec 2021

Love your leftovers this holiday season

Seven simple ways to get a quick new meal everyone will like, using your holiday leftovers.

Waste 17 Dec 2021

Waiheke welcomes waste-wise visitors

Auckland Council’s tips for managing your waste sustainably