Climate Change and Business Conference 2018

Publish Date : 28 Sep 2018
Climate Conference

Business leaders, ministers and organisational leaders will gather for the Climate Change & Business Conference in Auckland next month to discuss the implications of climate change and how to plan, fund and innovate for the future.

“Right now, New Zealand is setting off on a path of profound change, with sectors around the country making commitments and taking action on climate change," says Auckland Council’s first Chief Sustainability Officer, John Mauro.

“We’re really looking at bold, decisive action to build a healthier, fairer and more prosperous Auckland and New Zealand,” John says.

“With all sectors increasingly all-in, the pace and scale of change [within businesses and organisations] are ramping up and there’s a lot to discuss at this important conference.”

At the conference John, Government ministers, the Chief Sustainability Office’s Alec Tang and other experts will present on a range of topics including global climate best practice spelled out in 'the Paris rulebook'.

If you’re interested in attending, you can register for the conference here.

About Auckland Council’s Sustainability team

John Mauro and his team provide thought-leadership, drive strategic direction and champion change to mainstream sustainability and unlock the potential of Auckland’s low carbon and climate-resilient transformation.

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