How-To-Be-A-Hero Toolkit

Become a hero in your hood

Publish Date : 14 Sep 2018
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The next step to becoming an environmental hero yourself is helping your neighbourhood become pest free.

Check out what you can do below:

  1. Join a superhero league

Every Wonder Woman or Super Man needs a Justice League. To help your community, join a neighbourhood conservation group. Head over to Nature Space or Predator Free NZ to find one near you.

Or start one yourself! Predator Free NZ gives you some good tips on how to get going. 

  1. Preserve our parks

Give our fulltime heroes – park rangers – a hand with ecological work in our beautiful public spaces. You can volunteer for a one-off day or sign up for regular volunteering!

Find out more information.

  1. Protect our kauri trees

Protect the giants among us – kauri is under threat from kauri dieback disease and the city is rallying to help.

To do your part, stay off the closed tracks in the Waitākere Ranges and Hunua Ranges. If you visit kauri areas make sure to clean your footwear, tyres and equipment before and after, use cleaning station and stay on the tracks.

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