Meet the app that makes reducing construction waste easy

Last Updated : 18 Aug 2020
Meet the app that makes reducing construction waste easy (1)

CivilShare is making it easier for the construction industry to give unwanted materials a new life and to avoid sending waste to landfill.

CivilShare is a marketplace for people in the construction industry to buy, sell, trade, and share resources. It allows users to optimise waste generated from projects – something that was much more difficult to do in the past.

CivilShare received a grant from Auckland Council’s Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund to add additional functionalities to their CivilShare app. This helped them to increase the amount of construction and demolition waste being diverted from landfill.

You can download the app for free and share, swap, buy or hire construction materials, equipment and resources. More than 11,223 tonnes have been diverted from landfill by the first 1989 trades using the app. 

Contractors like it because they say, 

"Waste to some, is gold to others. but finding that match was not readily available. CivilShare is the key to this relationship.

"CivilShare also gives contractors and suppliers an opportunity to trade/share/hire instantaneously with a few simple keystrokes."

Before you buy new for your next renovation, head to the app, and find your materials there. When you keep materials out of landfill, you are helping power a circular economy.

Have you got a great zero-waste idea?

The Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund (WMIF) brings ideas to life and supports our target of zero waste to landfill by 2040. WMIF funds projects from businesses, local iwi, and education and community groups that will minimise waste. Learn more about when and how to apply.

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