Read this month: top Pacific kids books

Publish Date : 28 Sep 2018
Read this month: Top Pacific Kids books (4)

Stuck for reading inspiration? Check out our monthly list of top picks from Auckland Libraries’ collections, hand-selected by our own librarians.

With Tongan Language week just passed, Tuvaluan and Fijian Language weeks coming up and the schools holidays on their way, now’s the time for the kids to discover Pacific stories and history.

Check out Auckland Libraries’ most popular Pacific kids’ books below. 

  1. Samoan Heroes

Discover stories of heroes descended from Samoa, including legends like Sina, historical figures like Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III, and contemporary heroes like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Judge Ida Malosi. Ages 10-18 years.

Read this month: Top Pacific Kids books (1)
  1. A day of surprises

It’s a day of excitement for a community on the Solomon Islands as everyone rushes down to the seashore for a special delivery from a visiting ship. Ages 2-6 years.

  1. The little glow worm who couldn't turn on his light

The little glow worm has a problem – he can’t turn on his light! But are there other friends in his cave who can help? Meet the wētā, cave spider, huntsman and bat to find out. Ages 2-6 years.  

  1. Moana

Free-spirited Moana is destined to follow in her father's footsteps and take over as chief one day. But when danger threatens her island, Moana must set sail on an adventure to save her people. Read the magical Disney film adapted as a beautiful storybook. Ages 7+

  1. The only penguin

Bo loves his parents, but sometimes feels lonely. He dreams of having a brother and when his friends leave to make the long journey to sea, Bo waits behind to see if a new egg arrives. Ages 3-6 years.

Read this month: Top Pacific Kids books (3)
  1. Little kiddy Sāmoan

An easy and fun start for learning to speak words and phrases in Samoan. Ages 5+

  1. The rat and the octopus

When Pita finds a cowrie shell on the reef, Krypton shows him how to make a rat lure to catch an octopus just like in legend. Part of the Children of the Pacific series. Ages 5+

  1. The uga hunt

For a special birthday dinner, Arfa would like some uga, so his father takes him on an uga hunt. He knows this will be a day to remember! Part of the Children of the Pacific series. Ages 5+

  1. Counting in the South Pacific

A colourful picture book depicting scenes from the South Pacific to help children develop their number skills! Includes Māori, Fijian, Samoan, and Tongan words. Ages 2-6 years.

  1. My first day at school = O lo'u aso muamua 'i li A'oga

Ula has his first day at Apia Primary School and he’s excited until he embarrasses himself in front of everybody! What can Ula do now? Ages 5+

Read this month: Top Pacific Kids books (5) (1)

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