Algae bloom at Great Barrier's Kaitoke Creek not a health risk

Publish Date : 04 Apr 2019
Algae bloom at Great Barrier's Kaitoke Creek not a health risk

An algae bloom discovered in one of Great Barrier Island's creeks seems to be dissipating and it not currently thought to be a health risk.

Auckland Council has been investigating reports of an algae bloom and dead fish washed up in Kaitoke Creek.

Several agencies including DoC, NIWA and MPI have also been involved in the investigation to determine if there is a health risk currently present and the reasons behind the algae bloom.  

Local DoC Staff carried out a full survey of the creek by boat and found about 40 dead fish. They also reported evidence of a 'red' algae, likely to be a type called spyridia in the creek.

An Auckland Council officer visited the creek and reported that there was no evidence of any new fish deaths occurring and the bloom appeared to be dissipating.

It is thought that the fish deaths had been caused as a result of the algae bloom entering the creek and dying in the fresh water and then decomposing.

This may have caused the oxygen levels in the water to drop and kill the fish in the creek.

Recent heavy rain has likely flushed the creek and re-oxygenated the water.

Auckland Council will continue to monitor the situation over the next few days.

The decision has been made that there is no health risk and thus no need for public health warning signs at the creek as things appear to be returning to normal.

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