Snells Beach shares the story of the godwits

Publish Date : 11 Apr 2019
Snells Beach shares the story of the godwits

Snells Beach residents have helped to design a new toilet facility at Sunrise Boulevard.

In discussions over 18 months with Rodney Local Board, the Snells Beach Ratepayers and Residents Association and the community decided the exterior would be a great spot to display a local scene.

Images including beach views, aerials, trees and birds were put to the vote and the standout was a photo of godwits taken by local photographer Michele Mackenzie.

Michele says that New Zealand has more extinct and critically endangered, native bird species than any other country according to the report Taonga of an island nation: Saving New Zealand's birds.

“The report states that of our endemic birds, 45 per cent are in serious trouble and only 13 per cent are doing ok," she says.

Residents were keen to share the godwits story and their annual migration to Snells Beach.

“It is my hope that with this art and knowledge we can save our unique birds,” says Michele.

Association Treasurer Ian Taylor says it is of paramount importance to care for, protect and celebrate the wonderful shore birds which are seen on Snells Beach.

"Of the 27 or more species which visit us, the godwit is one of the most fascinating."

The new facility – replacing an old block that was in a poor state – has a changing room, unisex cubicle, accessible toilet and outside shower.

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