Better facility and longer hours of play at Albert-Eden park

Phyllis Reserve field open for football and softball

Publish Date : 29 May 2019
Phyllis reserve

The recently re-opened field at Phyllis Reserve in Mt Albert provides one more local field for football and softball games. 

Built originally on the old Mt Albert dump, the field was plagued by severe drainage and slumping issues, which work by Auckland Council over the past 12 months has now resolved.

Part of the field work was directly funded by Albert-Eden Local Board from its NZTA Waterview connection mitigation fund, to replace the field lost at Waterview Reserve, which became part of the Waterview Tunnel interchange.

The upgrade is welcomed by the locals and Albert-Eden Local Board members alike.

“It’s fantastic to see the new field open and being used by the community over the last month. Sport just got a hand up at Phyllis Reserve,” says local board member Margi Watson.

Phyllis Reserve is the home ground for Metro Softball and Metro Football. The field provides a facility for juniors and seniors to train, and the new lighting allows for more training hours. The new artificial softball diamond requires very little maintenance, and players can train all year round.

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