E-boat enables fish survey at Lake Tomarata

All paths lead to the bottom of the lake for answers

Publish Date : 01 May 2019
E-boat enables fish survey at Lake Tomarata

Have you ever wished for a boat that would magically lift fish to the surface of the water?

This happened at Lake Tomarata recently; researchers from University of Waikato and NIWA were sampling the lake for pest fish using an electric fishing boat.

The e-boat uses an electrical current to attract and momentarily stun fish so they can be caught and measured.

E-boat enables fish survey at Lake Tomarata (1)
e-boat being launched into Lake Tomarata

Over the past eight years, the health of Lake Tomarata has declined, with falling water clarity and a loss of all submerged vegetation.

Auckland Council is working with researchers to investigate factors which may be contributing to the decline in lake health. One of these factors may be the introduction of pest fish species such as rudd and tench. Pest fish can have major impacts on water quality by disturbing sediment and improving conditions for algal blooms.

The fish survey is part of a wider study of the lake ecology, looking for management opportunities to improve lake health and protect this valuable habitat for native species and recreation.

The council is working alongside Ngāti Manuhiri and local community who are involved in a catchment restoration project around Ngā roto (Tomarata and adjacent lakes).

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