Help our native birds – do the Garden Bird Survey

Publish Date : 28 Jun 2019
Help our native birds – do the Garden Bird Survey

The birds in your garden can provide information about the state of New Zealand’s environment.

That’s where the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey comes in. From 29 June to 7 July, Aucklanders across the city are counting the birds in their backyard.

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research looks at the results to see how our native birds are doing and decide their best actions for the future.

What to do:

  • Choose just one day that suits you
  • Print this tally sheet – it comes with photos of different birds
  • Settle in a comfy seat by the garden – can be inside or outside
  • Watch and listen to the birds for one hour
  • For each bird species record the highest number of individual birds seen or heard at one time.
    • e.g. If you see 2 blackbirds at the same time, mark 2. If see 4 blackbirds together, mark 4. If you later see 3 blackbirds, stay at 4 – don’t add to 7.
  • Enter your results on this online form

And you’re done!

You can also do this at a local park, reserve or school. Find out more information about the survey at

If you want to go a step further and attract more native birds to your garden, find out how here.

Learn more about Pest Free Auckland.

Garden Bird Survey
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