Paws on public transport - top trips with your pets

PSA from Suzie the dog

Last Updated : 28 Jun 2019
Paws on public transport - top trips with your pets

Wruff wruff! I’m Suzie and I just found out I’m allowed to go on the TRAIN! My tail hasn’t wagged so much in weeks!

Us pets can now travel with our humans on Auckland's trains outside of peak times, as long as we’re contained in a “suitable pet carrier” and “under control.” (Which of course I am).

That’s great news for dogs all over the city!

My human is pretty excited as well.

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“The monitored trial is an excellent first step towards normalising pets travelling on all forms of public transport,” says Councillor Casey.

“Dog owners can travel with their dogs to further flung places across the region without needing their cars. While the trial is limited to Auckland's rail network, there are still many great family outings that are possible on the train.”

“I encourage dog owners to take advantage of the trial period to show that dogs can and should be welcomed alongside humans on all public transport in the future. See you out there!”

Where to go with your dog

Suzie and Councillor Casey have put together some train trip ideas to get the print of approval from your pooch.

Auckland's Maunga

Several of Auckland's maunga (volcanic cones) are within easy distance of train stations and most of them have areas suitable for dogs as well as being great spots to view the cityscape and enjoy our beautiful environment and cultural heritage.  

Ōwairaka / Mt Albert has been pedestrianised making it a safer place to walk, and dogs can roam under control off-leash. Enjoy the beautiful views of this precious place while your dog gets some great exercise and socialisation. Ōwairaka is just a ten-minute walk from Mt Albert Train station.

You can also enjoy walking your dog on-leash to the tihi (summit) of Maungawhau / Mt Eden which can easily be reached from Mt Eden Station or Maungarei / Mt Wellington from Panmure Station.

Orakei and Panmure basins

Orakei Basin is a popular dog walking track which includes off-leash areas and which has both the Orakei and Meadowbank Stations very close at hand. Panmure Basin is also handy to the train station for your dog to have a swim and for on-leash walks.


Taking a train to Britomart can be a stepping stone to the ferry services which already allow dogs to travel free on-leash on outside decks. This opens up many possibilities including going to Waiheke for the day. Waiheke buses already allow dogs on board which means that the island's beautiful beaches and amenities are fully dog accessible. For a shorter trip, take a ferry to Devonport and enjoy the cafes on the way to Takarunga/Mt Victoria, where your pooch can walk under control off-leash.


There are many parks that are accessible from railway stations but a stand out would be Corban Reserve which is a 15-minute walk from Sunnyvale Station. Corban Reserve features an off-leash area for dogs and a dog agility course. 

Paws on public transport - top trips with your pets (3)

The new rules for rail travel with dogs

  • Pets can only board trains at off-peak times (9am-3pm & 6.30pm – end of service on weekdays, and all day weekends and public holidays)
  • Domestic pets are to be enclosed in a suitable pet carrier that is small enough to be stored securely under the seat or held on the passenger’s lap
  • Passengers travelling with domestic pets are responsible for their pet and must keep them caged and under control at stations, getting on or off the train, and whilst on board our trains
  • Passengers travelling with domestic pets are responsible for all pet mess and must ensure that any pet mess is cleaned up before they exit the train
  • Passengers may be refused entry to board the train if the train is crowded
  • Passengers may be asked to leave the train with their domestic pet if the animal is causing or likely to cause a safety risk or nuisance to other customers
  • Domestic pets travel free of charge on our services
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