Help shape Riverhead’s playgrounds

Publish Date : 24 Oct 2019
Help shape Riverhead’s playgrounds

With several playgrounds being developed in Riverhead, Rodney Local Board is keen to take their cue from the community on play equipment and the location of a new playground.

The Riverhead War Memorial Park playground will be upgraded, and a new playground built in either Riverhead Point Drive or Deacon Point reserves.

Auckland Council Head of Investigation and Design, Community Facilities Rob Cairns says playgrounds are always popular with communities and because these are multi-year projects, it is important to get public feedback early on.

“Whenever we are upgrading or building a new playground, we want to hear from the families who use it. We try, wherever possible, to incorporate most of the activities they enjoy into the design.

“In addition, there are two sites that are suitable for Riverhead’s new playground, so we are asking people for their feedback.”

The consultation period runs from 23 October to 11 November. There is a further opportunity for public feedback when playground designs are circulated next April.

Construction is planned for late summer 2020/2021 with the timeline subject to consent approvals, contractor availability and weather conditions.

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