Safety concerns see changes to beach access

Publish Date : 29 Oct 2019
Safety concerns see changes to beach access

Vehicle access to Muriwai Beach will be limited after hours at the beginning of November to mid-November due to potential fire risks around Guy Fawkes night.

Stephen Bell, Auckland Council’s Principal Ranger, advised that the decision to limit overnight vehicle access to the beach was one of safety and to reduce the risks associated with fire.

“With Muriwai Beach bordering a large pine forest and with a prevailing onshore wind it was important to be proactive in our efforts to prevent fires occurring.”

Mr Bell said that the after-hours closure to vehicle access coincides with the period that fireworks are on sale and includes the weekends either side of Guy Fawkes night.

Park Services are also aware of people who fish along the beach before or after work, so the after-hours closure is designed to allow those people access to the beach and take advantage of those key times of dusk and dawn.

“We still want people to enjoy using the beach safely, so the vehicle closure period is designed to allow people to fish and then get off the beach in time.”

A gate has been installed on Coast Road and will be closed on the evenings of Guy Fawkes week – Friday 1 November through to Sunday 10 November between the hours of 10pm and 5am.

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