A better looking beach at Kohimarama

Publish Date : 06 Dec 2019
A better looking beach at Kohimarama
There was quite a large concrete manhole and pipes on the beach
A better looking beach at Kohimarama (2)
It was quite a big job to remove the existing structures
A better looking beach at Kohimarama (1)
A clean clear beach after the work was completed

Improvements have been completed at Kohimarama Beach after members of the public raised concerns around a stormwater system that had broken free of its foundations and was moving at high tides and lifting a heavy manhole.

Not only was it a concern regarding the stormwater service provided by the setup, but the damage was deemed an ‘eyesore’.

“This was certainly not something we wanted on one of our favourite beaches coming into summer” explained Ōrākei Local Board Chair Scott Milne.

“We were pleased to hear that Healthy Waters were already onto the issue and were finalising the process to fix it.

“Within two weeks the work was done, and the area is now looking much tidier and we have been assured that the stormwater service is better than ever.”

Works included removing the broken manhole structure from the beach and the outlet structure was reshaped to sit flush with the seawall, looking different than before but still providing drainage from the road during rainfall as necessary.

There may be some normal road debris discharged but the board have been advised that this stormwater system is just that. Stormwater and not household waste.

“It is great to have this example of a speedy job, done well, with safety and aesthetic improvements for the community,” says Scott.

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