Rooster takes pig under his wing

Happy shelter pair looking for a new forever home

Publish Date : 28 Jan 2020
Rooster takes pig under his wing
Bestfriends and roommates Gustavo and Gavin are in care at the Manukau Animal Shelter
Rooster takes pig under his wing (1)
Gustavo, a Saddleback boar, is looking for his forever home.
Rooster takes pig under his wing (2)
Gavin the rooster is protective of his mate Gustavo and guards him while he sleeps.

Dogs are not the only animals Auckland Council’s shelter staff are trying to re-home.

Last week, a Kunekune named Hogwart, who was in care at the Silverdale Animal Shelter, was adopted by a Kumeu couple. With a face that only a mother could love, the hairy pint-sized pig attracted an online following after his photo was posted on the shelter’s Facebook page.

However, Hogwart is not the only shelter animal needing love and a new home.

In care at the council’s Manukau Animal Shelter best friends Gustavo and Gavin are also up for adoption.

Hogwart finds love online
Hogwart happy at his new forever home in Kumeu.

An eight-month-old Saddleback boar, Gustavo was brought to the shelter at the beginning of the month.

Senior Shelter Officer Briar Fearns says Gustavo may have fallen from a trailer as he was found in Otara covered in cuts.

“He has done his seven-day stray time and his cuts have healed so he is now ready for a new home.”

Since he’s been at the McLaughlins Road shelter he’s developed a love for Weetbix and his rooster roommate Gavin.

“He spends the day with his Gavin, who has been here since October.  At night Gustavo will curl up in his kennel and Gavin sleeps in front of it acting as his guard rooster,” Briar says.

Attempts to adopt either of the animals has proved unsuccessful.

“We would love to see them re-homed together, but they would need to go to a lifestyle block or farm as Gustavo is going to be one large boy.”

Anyone is interested in adopting Gustavo or Gavin please contact the shelter on 09 279 5959 or visit the Auckland Council website or the Manukau Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.





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