Total fire ban for the Auckland region

Check it’s alright before you light

Publish Date : 03 Feb 2020
Prohibited fire season
Credit: Fire and Emergency NZ

Hot weather and dry conditions have led to a total fire ban for the Auckland region and Fire and Emergency NZ reminds Aucklanders to make sure they’re up to date with the rules.

Fire and Emergency NZ Principal Rural Fire Officer Thomas Harre says we’re now in a prohibited fire season, meaning all fire permits have been suspended until further notice.

“We are in a total fire ban for the entire Auckland region. It is extremely dry and vegetation, especially grass, could ignite with just one spark.

“Please don’t use heavy machinery – or anything that may cause a spark – in areas that are extremely dry and especially from the middle of the day and through the afternoon,” he says.

Thomas says fire teams have had to respond to recent fires that have started from grinding rust from a trailer and the mower hitting a rock when cutting hay.

The Prohibited Fire Season and total fire ban came into place at 8am on Tuesday 28 January 2020. All existing fire permits are suspended and no further permits will be issued until dry conditions ease across the region. Fire and Emergency will advise when the ban is lifted.

“Whatever your plans, please help keep our region and our people safe. Visit for more information,” says Thomas.

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