Unique upcycling opportunity for community-based organisations in Piha, Karakare and Anawhata

Publish Date : 03 Jun 2020
Unique upcycling opportunity for community-based organisations in Piha, Karakare and Anawhata
The house at 20 Glenesk Road

The removal of two houses in Piha is providing a unique opportunity that could benefit local community-based organisations as part of a waste minimisation project.

Following flooding events in February and April 2018, Auckland Council purchased two properties at 14 and 20 Glenesk Road to effectively manage the risk associated with their future use.

To minimise the environmental impact and keep valuable building materials out of landfill, the houses are being carefully deconstructed.

Expressions of interest from community-based organisations in Piha, Karekare or Anawhata that may be able to put the pieces to use are now being taken.

House to be deconstructed 14 Glenesk Road
The house at 14 Glenesk Road

Unique opportunity

Waitākere Ranges Local Board chair, Greg Presland says that this is a unique opportunity for a local community organisation.

“This is the type of project that our community really embraces. The houses have been part of the community for a long time and being able to re-use as much of the material as possible in our area as part of a community project or programme has multiple benefits.

“The deconstruction methodology used is a win-win for the environment and local communities – recovering building materials, reducing truck movements and carbon emissions, and diverting construction waste from landfill.

“At the same time, this will help local community groups to reduce their costs and provide the raw materials for exciting new projects to get underway.”

Work underway

Work on site has begun and a provisional schedule of materials has been put together, indicating what is expected to be recovered from the deconstruction process.

Examples of the materials include timber and internal fittings such as doors. The availability of materials is reliant on the actual recovery of items during the project.

How to register

The items to be made available can’t be confirmed until they are actually salvaged from the buildings but to receive a provisional schedule of the materials, email Auckland Council Waste Solutions at wasteplanmultiunit@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

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