Blueprint for Ōrākei Local Board ready to view

Publish Date : 15 Jul 2020
Blueprint for Orakei Local Board ready to view

After months of talking to community groups and seeking public input, the draft Ōrākei Local Board Plan 2020 is now ready for review.  

“This document is a blueprint which will help direct our decisions over the next three years,” explains Scott Milne, Ōrākei Local Board Chair, who calls to residents to read the plan in full and to let the board now if it has it right.  

It is an aspirational and practical document and we want to know if it includes your vision and meets your community’s needs for a brighter future”

“Our plan will feed into the Auckland Council Long-term Plan and influences the Governing Body’s decisions on budgets and regional projects, so it is an incredibly important document for our community.  Especially now that there is less funding for which to advocate” explains Milne, addressing the loss of funding which Auckland Council faces following COVID-19.

Throughout the first part of this year, the board met with community groups, residents’ associations and schools, and sought public input into this draft plan with that feedback informing the draft. 

Five clear areas of priority were proposed:

  • Our communities are connected, engaged and resilient
  • Our land, forests, waterways and marine environment are protected, restored and enhanced
  • All parks and open space areas are attractive and well-used places for both active and passive recreation
  • Our transport and infrastructure is efficient and connected, enabling people to move around safely and effectively using a range of options
  • Our town centres and local businesses are increasingly vibrant and prosperous.

“We know that these outcomes are what the majority of our community is concerned about and values the most, because that is what you have told us,” says Milne. However, it is still important to hear that you agree with the written plan, or that you tell us what you would like to see changed.

“Please get involved in this final stage of creating a shared vision for the next three years, because only together can we build a brighter future for Ōrākei.”

Have your say

Consultation on Local Board Plans 2020 is open between 13 July and 13 August. 

Copies of the draft plans and feedback forms can be found online at, printed copies are available at libraries, local board offices and services stations or upon request.

You can also give feedback on the local board Facebook page - remember to include #lovelocal for it to be counted.

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