Have your say on how local parks are managed

Publish Date : 22 Jul 2020
Have your say on how local parks are managed

Do you have ideas about how local parks in your community are managed, protected, developed and used now and in the future?

We are developing management plans for parks and reserves across local board areas over the next few months and are asking Aucklanders for their input to help inform draft plans, which will be consulted on some time next year.

Auckland Council Manager Community Parks and Places Martin van Jaarsveld says the management plans are being prepared according to the Reserves Act 1977.

“The aim is to guide day-to-day management in local parks in a way that reflects the values of mana whenua and the community. The plans will have a policy rather than an operational focus. It has a policy more than an operational focus.

“Also included is a comprehensive review of the existing reserve management plans in each of the local board areas.”

Once the plans are adopted, they will replace existing individual management plans for each park and reserve, creating one plan for each local board area.

Have your say

Find out more and provide input by 26 August on plans for the following local board areas:

We are also accepting input on a similar plan drafted for the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board area until 4 September and on a draft masterplan and management plan for Waikaraka Park until 18 August. 

About local park management plans

The local parks management plans include local and sports parks in each area, but not regional parks, and land owned and managed by other parties such as the Tūpuna Maunga Authority and the Department of Conservation. Some parks, such as Waikaraka Park, will still have their own management plans. 

The local parks management plans will:

  • help the local board to make decisions about how parks are used and protected
  • address what needs to be considered when developing and enhancing our parks
  • be a handshake with the local community to reflect what their needs and aspirations for local parks are.
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