Simplifying fees and charges to improve accuracy

Publish Date : 01 Jul 2020
Simplifying fees and charges to improve accuracy

The new changes will see a fixed fee category being introduced for building work under $5000. 

Customers will soon find it easier to budget for project costs when they apply for consents and licences through Auckland Council’s Regulatory Service.

From July 1, 2020, changes will see a fixed fee category being introduced for work under $5000 and a revised deposit amount for the new upper level categories. 

“The proposed fixed fee for project values under $5000 will provide certainty for customers with lower value applications,” Auckland Council Regulatory Services Director Craig Hobbs says.

Craig says deposit levels will also be closer to the final cost to ensure customers are better informed about the likely cost. 

“Our aim is to simplify how fees and charges are calculated and improve accuracy in forecasting actual costs for our customers,” he says.

Improvements to internal processes will also make doing business with us easier for our customers, he says.

Swimming pool fencing inspection charges will also change, with the first inspection fee to be included, as a targeted rate, in the rates invoice. Currently the first swimming pool inspection is invoiced as a one-off fee ($130 including GST) after each three-yearly inspection.

From July 1, pool owners will be able to bundle that cost with their rates, spreading it over three years.

“The changes to swimming pool inspection fees spreads customers payments across three years, rather than receiving a larger one-off invoice when the inspection is conducted,” Craig says.

“We anticipate the change will reduce customer concerns regarding the fee amount and allow officers to focus on the safety issues, which must remain our number one priority.”

Online application forms for services have also been streamlined, making the process a quick and easy one.

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