Franklin Local Board sets out work programmes

Path for year ahead laid out

Publish Date : 23 Sep 2020
Franklin sets out work programmes

Franklin has had something to say during local board plan consultations.

In the wake of Auckland Council Annual and Emergency Budget consultation, Franklin residents still made 467 submissions.

“The Local Board Plan is a map for our next three years and it’s shaped by what people tell us. We will review what has been said and make changes to the draft as appropriate before adopting it at our November meeting,” Franklin Local Board chair Andy Baker says.

He says the quality of submissions was good, and it was pleasing to have strong engagement from Māori and youth.

The plan won’t be implemented until the next financial year, with this year covered under the last year of the 2017 board plan.

“Recently we also adopted work programmes for the 2020-21 year, listing our projects and activities made possible by funding approved in the budget process, which includes our Local Board Agreement with the Governing Body."

The five different programmes were adopted at the August business meeting and can be found here as attachments to items 14-18.

The five areas are Community Facilities - building and maintaining assets, Community Services such as arts, events and libraries, Infrastructure and Environmental Services, The Southern Initiative and ATEED.

“Board members are often asked where the money goes and what it is all spent on and these work programmes detail all our spending,” Baker says.

“We monitor how things are tracking by way of quarterly reports and a variety of other reports so we can keep up to date. Those reports are included in agenda items at our business meetings, so is public information that anyone can get by reading meeting minutes.”

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