Better parks and sporting facilities delivered in Albert-Eden

Publish Date : 24 Nov 2020
Better parks and sporting facilities delivered in Albert-Eden
Tennis at Windmill Park

Over time, Albert-Eden Local Board has made incremental gains in improving the quality of infrastructure in the area’s local parks and sporting fields. Now the investment is paying off.

“Our local area will have more people making their homes and lives here in the future. As a local board, we want to ensure that our facilities are fit to meet the needs of our growing communities,” says Albert-Eden Local Board Chair Margi Watson.

“Over the years we’ve made significant investments in upgrades and new facilities and people can now enjoy a game of tennis, basketball, netball, football or league at our high-quality parks.” 

Significant wins for the Albert-Eden area

Fowlds Park gets new hybrid fields

More people can enjoy the new hybrid turf fields that cater to rugby league and softball, and the hard surface courts can be used for netball. All fields and hard surface have had new lighting installed on them. The overall investment to improve the fields and lighting was $3.5 million.

One more field for football and softball at Phyllis Reserve

Significant work at $1.3 million, part of which was directly funded by Albert-Eden Local Board from its NZTA Waterview Connection mitigation fund, has resulted in an additional field for play at Phyllis Reserve.

Phyllis Reserve is the home ground for Metro Softball and Metro Football. The field provides a facility for juniors and seniors to train and the new lighting allows for more training hours. The new artificial softball diamond requires very little maintenance and players can train all year round.

Renewed netball and tennis courts at Windmill Park

Once a venue for the 1975 Netball World Championships, the courts were largely ignored until investment from the local board breathed new life into them with an investment of $1.2 million. Now people enjoy these courts for tennis in the summer and netball in the winter.

Enjoy basketball at Potters Park and Gribblehirst

As a part of a comprehensive plan to renew the iconic Potter’s Park, a new basketball court has local sports enthusiasts delighted. It has diversified the park’s utility by making a sporting facility available alongside a bike track and a playground. A true local destination park for everyone to enjoy. There’s an upgraded court at Gribblehirst Park too.

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