Blockhouse Bay roundabout safety proposal open for feedback

Publish Date : 23 Nov 2020

Whau Local Board and Auckland Transport (AT) are proposing to improve safety at the busy Blockhouse Bay roundabout.

The proposed improvements, supported by the Regional Fuel Tax, aim to create a safer environment for drivers making turns, along with people walking, cycling and on motorbikes.

AT is now seeking feedback from the wider public and key stakeholders - such as local businesses - on the plans.

The busy area sees close to an average of 30,000 vehicles daily through the roundabout.

The proposed changes aim to improve safety for everyone by encouraging drivers to lower their speed on the approach to the roundabout to help them make safer turns.

The changes would also encourage the use of active modes in the area by providing safe places to cross the road.

The plans being consulted on would reshape the centre island, install raised traffic islands and paint new road markings to help guide drivers as they turn.

Blockhouse Bay roundabout safety proposal open for feedback
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Kay Thomas, Whau Local Board Chair, says public input into the design is important.

“The community has been waiting for improvements to the roundabout for some time and I’m sure that they will be keen to share their thoughts on the proposed design.

“Ultimately, it is the community who use the roundabout that will benefit from the upgrades, and the best way to ensure that the final design works for all is to provide feedback during the consultation.”

Randhir Karma, Auckland Transport’s Group Manager of Network Management, says safety is a priority for Auckland Transport. $800,000 has been approved so far for this proposal.

“We are pleased to be working with Whau Local Board to improve safety for people walking in this busy town centre through the Community Safety Fund.

“AT embraces Vision Zero principles which puts safety at the heart of everything we do, and where the road network is safe for all users. No deaths or serious injuries on the transport network are acceptable.”

“Auckland Transport, local boards and ward councillors are working together to tackle local road safety concerns across the city. This Blockhouse Bay proposal is focused on safety concerns raised by the community.”

Mr Karma says AT understands that safety upgrade works can be disruptive to businesses and communities.

“If a decision is made to proceed with this project, AT will work closely with local businesses to ensure that any impact from the works is minimised as much as possible. AT would aim to time the works to happen alongside works in the same area from Watercare Auckland, to help minimise long-term disruption.”

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Those wishing to provide feedback should visit the Auckland Transport website

The feedback period closes on 11 December 2020.

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