Hurstmere Road enhancements take a summer break

Publish Date : 11 Dec 2020
Hurstmere Road enhancements take a summer break

Construction teams have packed up tools and cleared away the cones as the Hurstmere Road enhancement project takes a pause to make way for the busy summer period.

All machinery and equipment has been removed from Hurstmere Road and temporary planters and new line markings have been installed to guide vehicles safely along the one way road. The temporary asphalt along the pavement and roadway provides a safe surface in areas where old tree roots were removed, and these will be upgraded to high-quality surfaces in 2021.

The raingardens that have been installed along the street are operating and actively cleaning the water running off Hurstmere Road before it gets to Takapuna Beach. These gardens will be planted with native trees and grasses in the 2021 planting season. 

When the project resumes in early May, it will focus on the four remaining sections either side of Hurstmere Green to widen footpaths, install new street furniture and lighting and complete the contra-flow cycleway.

Councillor Richard Hills says that the construction pause, although disappointing, was a pragmatic solution to the financial challenge presented by COVID-19.

“Through the lockdown and the Emergency Budget we worked hard to save this project when many were cancelled across the city. The good news was we saved it but there was a change in the funding available in this financial year. Thanks to some clever planning by our staff in collaboration with our construction partner, we were able to redesign the staging of the work so that Hurstmere Road will still be completed by the end of 2021.

“The normal two-month pause over the Christmas period will now extend over the rest of summer, including during the America’s Cup, Summernova and Waterbourne festivals at Takapuna Beach. Which will mean there will be no disruption or construction during this busy event time,” says Councillor Hills.

“The road is starting to look fantastic with the progress that has been made to date,” says Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Chair Aidan Bennett.

“While the delay with the pause is not ideal, it will be great to spend the summer months and the 36th America’s Cup festival period without the disruption of the works taking place. Living only a stone’s throw away from Hurstmere Road, I’m excited to see the enhancements and look forward the project completed in late 2021.”

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