Longer fun in the sun for Auckland dog owners

Summer rules apply from 1 December

Publish Date : 01 Dec 2020
Longer fun in the sun for Auckland dog owners

Summer is the perfect time for Auckland’s four-legged residents to enjoy extra daylight hours at the region’s beaches and parks.

However, Auckland Council’s Dog Management Bylaw still needs to be obeyed – with time and season rules applying from today, Tuesday 1 December.

Auckland Council’s Animal Management Manager Sarah Anderson said time and season rules are used in popular places, during busy periods, to avoid conflict between dogs and other users.

The summer rule means dogs are only allowed at public hotspots such as beaches and parks before 10am and after 5pm - remaining in force until 1 March 2021.

“Dog owners will need to familiarise themselves with the summer definition and abide by the rules,” Sarah said.

Local boards (or delegated council committees) still decide where access is permitted, and the type of access allowed.

They decide:

  • The location of where a time and season rule applies
  • The type of dog access (ie: prohibited, on-leash, off-leash or designated dog exercise area)
  • What the outside of summer season access rule will be

For example, a local board may decide that a beach is off-leash before 10am, prohibited between 10am and 5pm and off-leash after 5pm.

“Dog owners still need to be mindful of others around them at all times and it's imperative the rules are understood and followed as to avoid any form of incident and enforcement action, including infringements.”

Over 2500 beaches, parks and reserves are listed as off-leash areas (for all dogs except dangerous dogs).

“In summer there are a lot more people out and about so this makes it vital for dog owners to be aware of the rules, so everyone can enjoy our outdoor spaces.”

Search the council website to find a dog walking spot near you and the rules for dogs in that area.

For further help or information call 09 301 0101.

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