Water restrictions in Auckland

Updated 22 January 2021

Publish Date : 11 Jan 2021

As of 11 January, water levels in Auckland’s nine water collection dams sit at 66.9 per cent.

The normal level for this time of year is 86.7 per cent.

Water update 11 01

Watercare, Auckland’s water supply and wastewater organisation, says over the past seven days Aucklanders are using less water (413 million litres a day) than the target range for January of 461 million litres a day or less.

Water restrictions

Stage one water restrictions are in place across Auckland

On 26 November 2020, Auckland Council’s governing body voted to adjust mandatory water restrictions for residential water users.

From 14 December 2020, residents can:

  • Use hand-held hoses and water blasting devices so long as they are fitted with trigger nozzles.

Commercial water users can:

  • Use a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle
  • Use a regular hose for health, safety, emergency and biosecurity reasons
  • Operate a car wash service
  • Water sports fields, plants and paddocks using irrigation systems fitted with soil moisture sensors or rain sensors.


  • The restrictions apply when connected to the metropolitan water supply network.
  • If you have a rain water or grey water tank you can use that water as you wish ie: you can connect a hose to those tanks and wash your car/vehicle, boat etc.

Visit the Watercare website for full information and FAQs

Significant breaches of the water restrictions could be prosecuted, with a potential fine of up to $20,000.

Breaches of the restrictions can be reported on the Watercare website.

Watercare is asking residents to reduce water use by at least 20 litres a day (two buckets of water) – even when it is raining.

Further information is available at watercare.co.nz and waterwise tips are available at waterforlife.org.nz

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