Where do the children play?

Last Updated : 24 Jun 2021
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Credit: Eke Panuku
Sounds Of The Sea Resize Credit Eke Panuku
Daldy Street Children Playing

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with endless ways to play at Wynyard Quarter:

  • Start at Silo Park’s playspace. With giant shells to climb on and through, swings, marine-themed climbing frames and a sandy base for a soft landing, it’s no wonder this is a favourite spot for kids.
  • Don’t miss the space between Halsey and Daldy Streets called Tiramarama Way. Featuring foot-powered fountains and purposeful puddles designed to rise and fall with the tides, the laneway provides an unexpected opportunity for play. Look down to see more than 480,000 dots sandblasted into the ground of the laneway to represent Auckland’s 1841 waterfront.
Kids Play Park Resize
  • Slide fans will love the play areas along green Daldy Street, where lush plantings collide with water play and two super-cool slides springing from a 7-metre high silo.
  • The Sounds of Sea silver funnels along North Wharf are a much-loved interactive experience for kids and adults alike. Three clusters of polished stainless steel tubes form shapes that kids like to for sit on, listen from and speak into. Based on the ventilation funnels and speaking tubes used on ships, they are another reason to come and play.
  • Wynyard Quarter is a perfect spot to explore on a kid-powered scooter. Wide pavements and car-free spaces provide lots of space for young explorers and the curved garden edges along Daldy Street and Amey Daldy Park are wheel-sized, making them perfect for junior speed demons.
Silo Basketball Resize Credit Eke Panuku
  • Grab a ball and shoot some hoops at the Silo Park basketball court. In summer, there are also pop-up activities for kids including arts and crafts.
  • If there’s still energy to burn, head to Amey Daldy Park. A little green oasis in the city, parents can kick back on the grass while children run, chase and explore the rolling landscape of the park. It’s the perfect spot to pull up with a coffee or an ice cream.
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