Investing in Kaipātiki's treasured environment

Publish Date : 13 Jul 2021
Investing in Kaipatiki environment
People in Kaipātiki love and want to be a part of preserving their unique environment.

Expanding a programme that works with local businesses to prevent industrial pollution ending up into local waterways is among focuses for Kaipātiki Local Board over the next 12 months. 

The board recently agreed on its work programmes for 2021/2022, which included more than half a million dollars of operational investment in the environment. It includes a range of programmes and activities in the following areas:

  • Climate action ($20,000)
  • Industrial pollution prevention ($40,000)
  • Kaipātiki Project ($100,000)
  • Water quality monitoring and implementation ($46,000)
  • Pest-free Kaipātiki strategy implementation ($200,000)
  • Ecological volunteers and environmental programme ($100,000)
  • Phase two of the para kore zero waste programme in Northcote ($20,000)

“We are continuing to invest significantly into the restoration of our local environment, as our community have consistently told us that it is extremely important to them,” says chair John Gillon.

“Kaipātiki’s unique environment is something that people treasure and want to see protected. A hallmark of our work programme is supporting restoration volunteers at a grassroots level, and partnering with community groups to deliver environmental programmes.”

As well as programmes for this year, the board approved indicative plans for the next two years, which will be reviewed at the end of the financial year before being finalised.

Industrial pollution prevention

The industrial pollution prevention programme is one the board has supported since 2018. It assists local businesses to reduce their impact on the Wairau Creek and Hauraki Gulf.   

“We’ve seen some really good work in these first few years such as site inspections and educating businesses on some of the simple things they can do, such as storing items in their yard correctly and spill training,” says deputy chair Danielle Grant.

Kaipātiki Local Board has also been proactively working with neighbouring Devonport-Takapuna Local Board on solutions to improve water quality in the Wairau catchment, which flows through to Milford.

Climate Action 

The board is keen to get the ball rolling on developing a community-based climate change mitigation plan for the area, with funding for this year going towards engaging a contractor to identify initiatives that contribute to low carbon outcomes, assist in the formation of a stakeholder working group and lead the development of the plan.

Actions could range from food waste reduction and sustainable transport to developing a circular economy.

Kaipātiki Project and Pest Free Kaipātiki

The board has a strong relationship with the Kaipātiki Project to deliver on its aspirations for the environment and the community with the funding used to support initiatives including ecology education and implementation programmes, volunteer opportunities at its native plant nursery and teaching garden, and expanding the Kaipātiki Streamcare programme to another two schools,

Through the water quality monitoring and targeting programme, data will be collected from nine local waterways to better understand the impact that current and future developments have on freshwater quality:

The para kore zero waste project in Northcote is focussed on reducing waste in Northcote and this investment will assist with the implementation of the overall zero waste plan led by Kaipātiki Project and Eke Panuku Development Auckland.

This year the board will continue its support of the Pest Free Kaipātiki Strategy, in collaboration the Pest Free Kaipātiki Incorporated Society. Activities include community engagement regarding pest animal and plant removal and habitat and species restoration projects.

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More detail on the board’s environment and infrastructure work programme are available in the board’s agenda report (see item 13) and in the minutes.

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