Mayor Goff condemns despicable terrorist, calls for unity

Publish Date : 03 Sep 2021

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff described the actions of a terrorist who stabbed six people in Countdown New Lynn this afternoon as despicable and horrifying.

“Our thoughts are with the victims and their families,” he said.

“They were chosen at random by the terrorist and had done nothing to deserve the attack.

“We condemn unreservedly the hate-filled ideology that consumed the terrorist but hold him solely responsible for his actions.

“We condemn the individual - not a faith, culture or ethnicity.

“As a former Minister of Justice, I know that the number of people who are under 24-hour Police watch is tiny. Our law does not allow people to be imprisoned for their views, or even for planning to take an action. However, Parliament will want to closely scrutinize the law to see if change is needed to cover the situation where the police are so worried about an individual that it justifies the effort and expense of around-the-clock surveillance.

“It is frustrating that because of court orders the full details of this case cannot yet be reported. I hope in due course these can be made public.

“However, the actions of this terrorist are the exception in our community. The best response to his hatefulness is to unite as a community which celebrates its diversity and treats all people fairly and with respect,” Phil Goff said.

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