Support for hospitality sector from Auckland Council at Alert Level 2

Publish Date : 24 Sep 2021
Hospo training L2

Fast-tracking new street trading licences and extensions to food-only dining applications are available to Auckland businesses as they prepare for Alert Level 2 trading.  

Automatic extension to expiry dates for existing outdoor dining licences is another means Auckland Council has introduced to assist the region’s businesses to get back up and running.

Alert Level 2 rules will be more challenging this time around for businesses with more focus on safety measures to minimise the risk of COVID transmission.

Cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs can open under Alert Level 2 COVID-19 rules with a maximum number of patrons; 100 people, all seated inside at one time, and 100 people, all seated within a defined outdoor space. These rules are enforced by the Police.

Businesses looking to change the layout of the premises to accommodate these numbers need to be aware of the changes particularly to the rules relating to bathroom areas.

“We encourage you to check out those changes to familiarise ahead of a drop to Alert Level 2,” says Councillor Linda Cooper, Chair of the Regulatory Committee.

“While Auckland Council can be responsive when it comes to council’s bylaws, a significant constraint on what can be done with outdoor dining is imposed by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.

“In addition, we expect some delay from both the Police and Medical Officer of Health who have reporting responsibility for alcohol licensing applications. Both parties are heavily involved in the COVID-19 response, and the Government has extended the period in which these agencies have to report on all alcohol licence applications.

Businesses with licensed outdoor dining areas are reminded to check their alcohol licence before extending the footprint of their outdoor dining space.

“We’re offering flexibility and support in a more relaxed approach during Alert Level 2. This confirms our commitment to helping Auckland’s hospitality sector,” says Councillor Linda Cooper, Chair of the Regulatory Committee.

To help businesses make use of outdoor space, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are committed to fast-tracking new licences and extensions to food-only outdoor dining applications during Alert Level 2.

“We recognise the challenges facing our hospitality sector and we will do whatever we possibly can within the rules to help. Even small changes to relieve stress in the short term and allow them to focus on their businesses, will be helpful”, says Craig Hobbs, Director Regulatory Services.

Applications can be made online here. Auckland Council will facilitate the applications to the various agencies.

New alcohol licences or variations can be made by emailing:

New street trading licences or extension of an existing licence, please apply online here For queries, please email: 

Customers can continue to access many Auckland Council services relating to the hospitality sector online at or by phone on 09 301 0101.

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