Green light for next stage of Kauri Glen Reserve upgrade

Last Updated : 24 Nov 2021

A new raised boardwalk and three span glulam bridge will be built in Kauri Glen Reserve after Kaipatiki Local Board agreed to put money towards stage three of kauri dieback track mitigation works in the reserve.

At its business meeting this week the board agreed to allocate $410,000 from its renewal budget towards the project, which also includes existing track renewals and two new hygiene stations. This is in addition to $669,632 from the council’s Natural Environment Targeted Rate.

The bridge will span the top of the gully and with the boardwalk create a step free connection for users and provide an impressive and different view at a tree top level.

Making it step free makes it more accessible for a wider range of users so that is great. This is going to be brilliant for the community as it will make it a lot safer by providing a clear line of sight for users.

Tenders for the project are expected to be called for before the end of this year and hopefully work can start in February 2022.

In making the decision, the board noted that Kauri Glen highlighted the diverse range of open spaces Kaipatiki boasts.

Stage three works

Works in this phase include the raised boardwalk (1.5m wide) and three span glulam bridge (of 1.5m and 3m wide sections), which will span the top of the gully and provide a step free accessway.

This work is part of the track upgrades planned for the connection between Tui (S24) and Raymond roads (S25) where it into the main track (S19) at Northcote College on Kauri Glen Road. At present the track goes up and down the gully with stairs and a bridge.   See map 

The project will be a major and complex one which will require some materials to be helicoptered in and the work carried out kauri-safe trained people.

About Kauri Glen Reserve

Kauri Glen Reserve is highly populated with kauri including one of the highest concentrations of the species.

The site comprises of steep-sided valley with terraced floor with the vegetation mostly mature Kauri Tanekaha Forest along parallel ridgelines. Pure stands of maturing Kauri line the lower slopes of the valley, with some trees of significant size and age, up to 300 to 400 years old.

Kauri Glen Reserve was identified as one of the key reserves within which mitigation work was to be done to provide a walking path to Kauri Dieback track standards. 

The Kaipātiki Connections Network Plan also identifies the reserve as a priority Greenway project and the opportunities it provides includes improving the recreational value of the reserve, provide in parts of the reserve step free all abilities access, and improve access to local schools.

Protecting kauri

The Kaipātiki Local Board area has the largest investment in kauri dieback mitigation works for local parks in Auckland. Last year new hygiene stations and tracks were upgraded to Kauri Dieback track standards  in Le Roys Bush and Fern Glen Native Plant Gardens

Earlier this year some of the tracks were reopened in the Eskdale Reserve Network, Kauri Glen stages one and two and next year works are being carried out in Chatswood Reserve, Kauri Glen Reserve stage three, and the following year in Birkenhead War Memorial Reserve and Soldiers Bay. 

Work is already underway at Leigh Reserve and Lynn Reserve.

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