Best boogie boarding spots in Auckland

Publish Date : 08 Dec 2021
Boogie board

Along with jandals, barbecues and bucket hats, the classic boogie board is a summer staple. For children, the rush of zipping toward shore in the wash of a wave is pure joy.

Wondering where to take your boogie boards next? These boogie boarding beaches are the best in the Auckland region, according to children.

Tāwharanui Regional Park

The sheltered bays of Tāwharanui Regional Park are ideal for boogie boarding. Most days you’ll find small waves breaking gently onto the white sand. The water is an incredible shade of aquamarine and is perfectly clear. Kids can ride wave after wave, up onto the shore. You’ll have a tough time trying to get them away from the water.

Children also love the great snorkel spots around the rocks. Anchor Bay and the other beaches on the northern edge of the park are part of the Tāwharanui Marine Reserve, so there is an abundance of sea life to be seen underwater. The rock pools around the water’s edge are fascinating for younger children to explore, home to crabs and starfish.

Long Bay Regional Park

Long Bay is usually quite sheltered, with smaller waves that are just the right size for boogie boards. There is plenty of space on the beach to set up a picnic, so kids can dash back and forth to the water all day.

The regional park includes a spacious playground complete with a flying fox, large climbing nets, and a discovery trail that includes a variety of large wooden musical instruments for children to play with. Between the beach and the playground, Long Bay keeps active and adventurous kids busy all day.

Omaha Beach

With vivid blue water rolling onto creamy sand, Omaha is a picturesque beach destination. Children love the steady surf at this beach. There is plenty of foamy whitewash for them to splash around in and catching waves on their boogie boards is a breeze.

Omaha Beach is also close to several lush berry farms, which add the strawberry on top of a fun day out

Try berry picking at one of the farms or discover delicious fruit ice creams in the area which always go down a treat with the kids.

Check before you swim

Before you take the plunge this summer, check out the Safeswim website for up-to-date information on water quality, wind, waves and tides as well as jellyfish swarms and other hazards. Safeswim is a fantastic tool to help keep you and your whānau safe.

With long summer days finally here and your favourite swimming spot calling, now is a great time to think about how to stay safe around the water.

Stay safe and have fun in the water this summer by following these tips.

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