Mission Bay’s iconic playground to be upgraded

Last Updated : 27 Jan 2022
selwyn playground render

A comprehensive remodel of the playground at Selwyn Reserve on the Mission Bay waterfront is now underway. Auckland Council will create an adventure playground with a wider age group and an increased volume of foot traffic in mind.

Created in 2001 between the golden sands of Mission Bay beach and the shade of mature Norfolk pine trees in Selwyn Reserve, the playground has become a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. With ample parking and facilities, including picnic tables, changing rooms, fitness equipment, and barbeques, the area has become a destination in itself.

Rather than simply renewing the play features, Ōrākei Local Board advocated and budgeted for a full upgrade which reflects the demands of the space, deeming the area ‘in need of a larger, more varied playground facility’.

“The community has been asking for an upgrade to this playground for years, so it is great to be able to provide such a wonderful design,” says Scott Milne, chairperson of Ōrākei Local Board.

“The playground will be colourful, musical, and offer a range of climbing and adventure elements. The aim is for the design to appeal to a wide range of ages as well as interests.”

Due to the high-profile location and volume of evening activities in Mission Bay, lighting has been incorporated to create a space that glows with appeal whilst remaining safe. The site will be open and highly visible as a deterrent to antisocial behaviour.

The reserve’s well-loved Norfolk pines have been a key source of inspiration for the new design, and as such, natural wood will be an integral element of the remodel.

“Selwyn Reserve is such a great location for family and friends to gather and spend time, so an upgrade like this will be well used and appreciated for years. In these tough times when we face supply chain and inflationary challenges, the board is very pleased with the resulting design,” Milne remarked.

The work is scheduled to commence in early February and be completed in early June 2022. The playground will be closed, and part of the greenspace will be fenced off for the duration of the work. Please remain out of the fenced area and follow signage instructions for your safety.

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