Annual Budget 2022: What’s the focus this year?

Publish Date : 03 Feb 2022
Have your say on Auckland Councils annual budget

The opportunity for Aucklanders to have their say on Auckland Council’s proposed Annual Budget for 2022/2023 is coming up.

The council’s Annual Plan Consultation Document, which outlines the main changes to our budget and work programme for 2022/2023, compared to what was approved in the Recovery Budget (10-year Budget 2021-2031), will be considered by the council’s Finance and Performance Committee on 8 February. Once approved, public consultation is planned from 28 February 2022 through to 28 March 2022, 5pm.

Public feedback and input from local boards will help inform the final budget.

The council will use a wide range of online and offline options to replace traditional public feedback events that can’t be held due to gathering restrictions within the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Council will also work closely with community organisations and other council partners to ensure as many Aucklanders as possible get the opportunity to provide feedback.

The council is managing some complex pressures this year. The uncertainty created by COVID-19 and unfavourable shifts in major economic influences will be with us for some time. The ongoing impacts of these pressures are hard to predict, but the key is to have resilience and flexibility in the budget. In addition to the council’s response to financial pressures, we know Aucklanders want to see an increased and sped-up response to the climate emergency, so that is also a priority.

 The key objectives of this year’s budget are to achieve:

  • Faster and further action on climate change
  • A resilient and flexible response to the immediate budget pressures
  • Efficient waste minimisation.

Further detail on the proposals, and specific consultation questions, will be provided when the consultation material is agreed.

For more information, including the supporting information for this consultation document once it is available next month, you can:

After decisions are made in June 2022 the final budget will be available on the Auckland Council website.

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