New facilities on the way for Wellsford and Omaha

Publish Date : 14 Apr 2022
New facilities on the way for Wellsford and Omaha
An artist’s impression of the new toilet facility in Wellsford.

Work is underway on Wellsford’s brand-new toilet facility located in the heart of the town ideally situated for locals or visitors travelling north. While at Omaha Beach, a new toilet and changing facility will replace the toilets underneath the surf lifesaving clubhouse.

Rodney Local Board Chair Phelan Pirrie says the new modern facility, designed in response to Wellsford community feedback, will replace the old brick toilet block which is in poor condition.

“In 2019 we sought feedback from the community before approving the design for a new facility, so I am sure everyone is excited to see it underway.

“Positioning the new facility at the back of the site really opens up the site and creates a green space that connects very well with the town centre.”

Omaha’s new facility at William Fraser Reserve is scheduled to get underway in May.

Deputy Chair Beth Houlbrooke says there are changing rooms, toilets, outdoor showers, and an Omaha Beach scene will decorate the side of the building.

“The surf club toilets are showing their age, requiring increasing maintenance, and cleaning, and wind-borne sand frequently blocks the drains due to the proximity to the beach.

“The new facility’s location, across from the playground and next to the lower car park, is easy for beachgoers and park users to access.

“While the impact of extreme weather events and potential flooding on the facility has been considered, it is still the best site available.”

Materials used in the lower portion of the Omaha Beach building will be durable to withstand periodic exposure to flood waters with all power outlets placed higher up than usual.

Wellsford facility’s design follows best practice guidelines as outlined in the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and will have:

  • five unisex toilets which includes two accessible toilets
  • baby change facility
  • men’s urinals
  • lighting for the car park.

Both prefab buildings will be constructed off-site. The Wellsford building will be transported in two parts to the site at the end of April. Utilities and fit-out are expected to take about a month provided there are no COVID-19 or supply chain delays.

Board member and Wellsford subdivision representative Colin Smith says the old brick building served Wellsford community for a long time but has reached the end of its life and is being demolished in June.

“Our town is ideally placed as a rest stop for people travelling north. But the old town centre toilets are well past their use-by date.

“The new facility and parking are well-located for locals and visitors to the town centre.

The Wellsford facility's construction cost is $979,600 and it's expected to open in late May while the Omaha construction is $995,500 and it's expected to open in August, provided there are no delays caused by COVID-19.

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