Mission Possible: Ditching the car to get on the right track

Publish Date : 28 Jun 2022
Mission Possible Feature Train
Travelling to school is quick and easy for Hahna and Jak.

Hahna and Jak Vaigalu reckon public transport is hands down the best way to get around Tāmaki Makaurau. The 15-year-old twins take the train from Glen Eden to Mt Albert Grammar School each day, and they say it takes significantly less time than any other form of transport they could use.

“We take the train from Glen Eden and get off at Baldwin Ave, and that takes 20 minutes, then it’s just a 15-minute walk to school,” Jak explains.

“We catch the bus sometimes, but if we ever go by car it’s heaps slower,” Hahna adds. Not only is the train faster than a car, Jak likes that you can also listen to music or catch up with friends online.

“Some people do their homework,” Hahna says. “You see them working on their laptops, and some train stations even have wifi.”

The twins are both studying science, with Hahna doing double science and Jak focusing on business and general science. They are well aware that transport choice has an impact on climate change.

“We definitely know it makes a difference to the environment. The trips we take by train mean less emissions are released,” says Hahna, who also likes using public transport on the weekend to go to the gym and see friends.

“I also like to take the train to the pools, because a lot of Auckland pools are quite close to the stations,” Jak adds.

There’s also a social element to it, with the siblings catching up with friends from other schools and old classmates from intermediate and primary.

“We really like public transport because it’s handy, fast and easy to use. And on the weekends it’s free for kids under 16,” says Jak.

“Depending on what line you’re on, the views are amazing too,” says Hahna. “The Eastern Line goes close to Tāmaki Drive so you can see the water. But the coolest thing about the train is that it gets you places quickly.”

It’s not difficult to see why the twins prefer travelling by train – not only is it convenient and affordable, it’s good for Auckland too.

Disclaimer: The photo is for illustrative purposes only. Auckland is at the Orange setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework’s traffic light system. A face mask must be worn on-board and while you are waiting at stations if you are a ākonga (student) Year 4 and above, as well as adults. This includes school buses, bus and train stations, bus stops and ferry terminals.


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